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Teens Texting Driving

Texting Driving

The Evidence

According to the American Automobile Association “distraction was a factor in nearly six out of 10 moderate-to-severe teen crashes.”

You can use a cell phone in Utah while driving but you are prohibited from texting while driving. Utah prohibits careless driving that includes any driving violation that occurs while being distracted – including the use of a cell phone while driving.

In about 40% of all motorcycle crashes a cell phone was being used – although not necessarily for texting.

Utah Law on Texting

All Utah drivers are prohibited from texting while driving. Text messaging is defined in Utah law as “a communication in the form of electronic text or one or more electronic images sent by the actor from a telephone or computer to another person’s telephone or computer by addressing the communication to the person’s telephone number.” There are some exceptions to the anti-texting rule such as texting during a medical emergency.


In Utah, if you are caught texting and drivingyou may face up to three months in jail and up to a $750 fine, a misdemeanor. The penalty is enhanced if you cause injury or death while texting and driving. The punishment can grow to a felony and up to a $10,000 fine and 15 years in prison.

These texting laws in Utah are now considered “primary” laws meaning an officer can pull you over for the offense without first having to witness some other violation.

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