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I wanted to say thank you for your help and support of Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association.


Professional, Knowledgable concerning Utah Bike laws. A must contact if you are ever in an accident.


We are so blessed to have such a great contributor for Ride to Zero every year. George has supported us for years with funding for our events, to the supplies we have needed to hold our event. We can say this, every time we need something he is there for us. He truly supports the veteran community, thank you George for supporting your local Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association and Ride to Zero.


The best thing was that I was treated like a big fish. They knew about my case every time I called and knew exactly what was going on.


I thought I could deal with the insurance company myself but I shouldn’t have because I made recorded statements to them that hurt my case. George was able to get a good settlement and he said that the statements probably could not be used against me.”


It was not a huge accident but I was treated well and George got me a fair settlement that paid for all of the medical bills, got my bike fixed and even covered my torn jeans and shirt.


I didn’t think I would get much money from the case and that the road rash although painful would heal up. I was surprised at the amount of money they got me and in the end all my medical bills were paid for, I got my bike fixed and some money to boot.


I was really banged up – in the hospital and in a lot of pain. I saw a commercial on TV and called – George answered the phone and looked after the case by coming to my town and getting pictures and interviews that forced the insurance company to settle.


Everything went well from the beginning – George looked after everything from the beginning. When I called usually George picked up the phone or got back to me right away. Very professional – and a great result in the end!


I am a very, very lucky man. I knew that at the moment after the wreck, I looked around and I could still see a world that I knew and not some weird 5th dimensional plane of existence LOL. Life gives us challenges to hone up to, they make us stronger over the long run, and this was one for me. I’m glad that there are folks like you to turn to for help, especially when I’m no where in the know of what’s fair as you.

Very Very Lucky Man
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