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Trakimo GPS Tracker – Theft Device

Trackimo GPS Tracker theft

Since the weather here in Utah is playing tricks on us we thought we would write a blog about motorcycle theft. It is almost that time of year where you can ride your motorcycle without worrying about whether or not you’ll have to dig it out of snow after work.

There are so many motorcycles thefts reported every year. Good thing that right now it is not the summer months because that’s the time of year where motorcycles are stolen most often. Unfortunately, Honda motorcycles are the bikes that are most commonly stolen. And even more unfortunate, only 26-32% of motorcycles that are stolen are actually recovered. We have found a new way for you to feel more secure about the security of your bike! It’s called Trackimo GPS Tracker!

Trackimo GPS Tracker

There are a few really cool and efficient gadgets that help prevent the theft of your motorcycle. This is a brand-new device is amazing and will help you in the sad case that your motorcycle gets stolen! First, the tiny device is attached to your motorcycle which connects wirelessly to your phone. Then, you can see where your bike is in real-time worldwide literally 24/7. With this device secured on your motorcycle, the police will be able to track your bike more easily.

There are settings with this device that you can activate on your phone that allow you to track whether or not your bike has been taken out of the designated area that you have defined. This amazing device sets up a perimeter that alerts you through SMS or email messaging when your motorcycle leaves that area. Another interesting feature of the Trackimo GPS Tracker is that there is a movement alarm. How crazy is this? If your motorcycle moves without authorization, the Trackimo GPS Tracker will send a SMS message or email to you!

Amazing Device Against Theft

As far as we can tell, this device speaks for itself. There are many other ways that you can protect your bike other than this device. However, since we read about it we thought we would keep everyone in the know. We don’t want your motorcycle stolen!

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