Two Motorcyclists Injured on Highland

Posted by George Tait | Mar 07, 2016 | 0 Comments

KSL reported on another motorcycle accident that occurred on May 31, 2008 on Highland Drive in Cottonwood Heights in Salt Lake City. This article is only a short blurb but what is interesting is reading the comments to the article. It was reported that neither rider was wearing a helmet and the comments on the article mostly go to this fact.

I have written on the motorcycle helmet issue repeatedly and have a motorcycle helmet poll on my website asking if it should be mandatory for all motorcycle riders to wear helmets. I am a motorcycle rider myself and I choose to wear a helmet. However I respect the choice that people make to not wear a helmet. The right to choose is what makes this country great. My only caveat about the helmet debate is that all motorcycle riders should have enough insurance to cover any possible injury so as to avoid the need for society to pay for their care when injured.

Another note after reading all of the article comments is that we should wait on passing judgment or voicing opinions in any derogatory manner keeping in mind that when people are injured – no matter whose fault – that these are real people with real families and loved ones. Oftentimes the injury sustained from a motorcycle injury can include traumatic brain injury that effects can last a lifetime. We should consider their emotions at a time when the future appears dark while a loved one may not survive. Let's have a little compassion people!

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