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Two Things That Drives Me Nuts When Riding My Motorcycle

I don’t know if you have been riding much yet this season but I have. As a motorcycle accident lawyer I am acutely aware of how crashes happen. These two things are on the top on my list.

As soon as winter is over and the weather turns a little warmer there are a lot of motorcycle riders on the road. There are two things that vehicle drivers do that drive me nuts when I am riding my motorcycle.

The First Thing That Drives Me Nuts

One of the most irksome things that vehicle drivers do is come right up to a stop sign—briefly slow down or come to a brief stop, and then pull forward right away. It is as if they are entering the roadway I am on. They drive me crazy because I think they do not see me and are going to pull out right in front of me.

The Other Thing That Drives Me Nuts

The other thing vehicle drivers do and is incredibly dangerous for motorcycle drivers is when they are turning left—usually at an intersection. It is like motorcycle riders are invisible to them oftentimes. 

In Utah something like 65% of all motorcycle crashes are caused by left turning drivers. I cannot tell you how many times I seen the offending driver write on the crash report, “I just did not see him.” Isn’t it true—its like you are invisible—they look right through you like you do not even exist.

Some motorcycle riders say you have to drive like you are invisible but it is tough to do that. At every intersection what do we have to do? Slow down the 5 miles an hour, flash your lights from high beam to low beam six times, wear a florescent jacket with flashing lights on it?

I think it is because vehicle drivers are just not used to seeing motorcycles on the road again after winter. They just do not attenuate or see you at all. But then again, left-turning drivers crash into motorcycles in the middle of summer too.

Be careful out there—take care.

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