Motorcycle Accident Types

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No two motorcycle accidents are exactly the same, but certain types of accidents are more likely to occur than others. Understanding which type of accident you experienced can help you as you prepare your case. Knowing about the most frequent causes of motorcycle accidents can also help you avoid crashes in the future. Here are some of the most common types of motorcycle accidents that occur in Utah.

1. Head-on collisions.

One of the most common causes of death for motorcycle riders is the head-on collision. In this case, a car collides with the motorcycle from the front, often at an intersection.

2. Rear-end collisions.

A rear-end collision occurs when another driver hits you from behind. This may happen when the other driver isn't paying attention, misjudges the distance between you or simply doesn't see your motorcycle. Although rear-end collisions are rarely serious for larger vehicles, they can cause severe injuries when a motorcycle is involved.

3. Collisions with opened doors of parked cars.

In some cases, motorcycle accidents occur because someone opened the door of a parked car without looking. This causes you to crash into the door, resulting in injuries and damage to your motorcycle.

4. Collisions between two motorcycles.

If you are riding in a group, crashes involving one or more of your companions are always a possibility. Maybe one of you stops suddenly and the other doesn't notice, or maybe two riders collide while trying to move into the same position at the same time.

5. Left-turn collisions.

Left-turn collisions occur when another vehicle turns left in front of you at intersection. In some cases, this happens because the driver isn't paying attention, doesn't see you or forgets to check is or her blind spots. Left-turn collisions may also occur when the other driver judges your speed inaccurately.

6. Collisions with cars changing lanes.

Drivers of larger vehicles are trained to look for other cars, but they often miss motorcycles. In addition, because motorcycles are small, it's easy for them to stay completely in another driver's blind spot. If another driver fails to see your motorcycle and changes lanes, your vehicles may collide.

In some cases, you will be able to avoid motorcycle accidents by watching other drivers and taking action when you notice a potential problem. For example, you can reduce the chances of colliding with drivers turning left by watching the drivers on the other side of the intersection as you approach it. However, even with the best evasive maneuvers, some accidents are unavoidable.

If you have been involved in any type of motorcycle accident and you don't believe you were at fault for what happened, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact Utah Bike Law today to schedule an appointment and discuss your options.

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