Typical Timeline of a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

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As you meet with George Tait, the motorcycle injury lawyer in Salt Lake City at Utah Bike Law, you will learn the specifics of a civil lawsuit, what deadlines are necessary, and how the case will proceed. Motorcycle injuries are decided under the laws of negligence, which is a civil law claim. The other person involved in your crash may be facing criminal charges as well, but that will take place at a separate time and under different laws.

Keep in mind that your case may take as short as a few months to resolve or longer than one year, depending on its specific intricacies. Cases that settle take much less time than those resolved in trial. As well, highly-technical product liability cases may take longer than a straightforward collision.

The Complaint

The lawsuit starts with the filing a civil complaint. Your motorcycle lawyer in Salt Lake City will use the facts you provide at the consultation to draft and file a complaint setting forth the reasons why you believe you should succeed. Under Utah law, you have four years from the date of the accident to file your claim, or it is forever waived.

Service of Process

You must arrange for service of the complaint upon the defendant(s) responsible for your injuries. Service is effectuated via mail, fax, handing it to the defendant directly, by leaving it at the defendant's place of employment with an appropriate person in charge, or by leaving it at the defendant's principle dwelling place with an adult cohabitant. The defendant has 20 days from the date of service to respond to the complaint.


Motorcycle accidents often result in a high volume of evidence to discover and consider when preparing for a trial. Many times these accidents involve mechanical failures that could require review from an engineer or expert. The discovery process allows both parties to freely exchange any non-privileged documents or evidence that is material to the case. It is not necessary that a piece of evidence be actually admissible to be discoverable, as long as it is material.

Settlement or Trial

In some motorcycle accident cases, the defendant may try and settle prior to going to trial. There are a number of advantages, and some disadvantages, to settling and your motorcycle injury lawyer in Salt Lake City will explain these to you in context of your case. The majority of cases settle out of court, but your case may proceed to trial before a judge and jury.

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