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Utah on Pace to Set Record for Deaths on Motorcycles in 2018

Two more motorcycle related deaths over the weekend with one life hanging in the balance. Reading that sentence should send shudders down your spine, how can we prevent these fatalities? Looking at the details of the accidents, speed of the motorcycles seems to be a common factor. Being on the road is dangerous for both motorcycles and motor vehicles, everyone owes it to each other to take the necessary precautions and recognize each other on the road. Don’t drive distracted with your cell phone or try to eat a bagel before you get to your destination. Don’t think you can quickly and safely make a left-hand turn in front of a car or motorcycle that is going with the flow of traffic or faster. We are all in a hurry, one common goal is to arrive alive.

Utah Bike Law

If your find yourself in tragic situation like this, turn to Utah Bike Law to help navigate these treacherous waters. We have 19 years of experience defending injured motorcyclists and 30 years of riding on the road. Like one motorcyclist expressed, “If someone cuts you off, it’s like they offended five generations of your family.” We have a vested interest in your case and will do the best possible job in representing you.

Utah Bike Law and its attorneys are licensed to practice law only in the State of Utah and maintain offices in Salt Lake City, Utah. No attorney client relationship is established by simply visiting this website.


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