What to Do after Motorcycle Accident

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You've just been involved in a motorcycle accident, and you're wondering what to do next. You're probably feeling scared and overwhelmed. However, your actions immediately following the accident may affect your future dramatically, so you need to make the right decisions. Follow these steps to cover all of your bases.

1. Call for help.

If people are injured and/or vehicles are damaged, call 911 for assistance. Anyone who is injured will receive the medical attention they need, and the police will come to the scene to make a report of the accident.

2. Remain at the scene.

No matter who caused the accident, you should remain at the scene until the police have arrived and made their report. Otherwise, you could face legal penalties.

3. Take pictures.

If possible, take pictures of the accident scene before vehicles are moved. You will be able to use these pictures as evidence if you need to file a lawsuit at a later date.

4. Exchange important information.

If you are able to do so, exchange important information with all of the other people who were involved in the accident. Be sure to ask for names, phone numbers and insurance information. If bystanders witnessed the accident, collect their contact information as well.

5. Get an estimate of the damage to your vehicle.

If your motorcycle was damaged, the responsible insurance company will prepare an estimate of the cost of repairs or replacement. Obtain a copy of this estimate and review it. If you don't agree with the estimate, obtain a second opinion from another professional.

6. Obtain copies of your medical records.

Keep records of all of your diagnoses and medical treatments following the accident, as well as the cost of each service you receive. You should also keep track of how much work you miss so that you can calculate lost wages.

7. Contact an attorney.

Insurance companies want to settle your claim with as little expense as possible. In many cases, the initial settlement offer you receive won't be enough to repair your motorcycle and pay your medical bills, let alone compensate you for the pain and suffering you experienced during and after the accident. If you were seriously injured in the accident and/or you are not satisfied with the insurance company's settlement offer, don't hesitate to contact an experienced motorcycle attorney.

As a motorcycle rider myself, I understand how dangerous other drivers can be, and I know how quickly these accidents can change your life. As an attorney, I also understand your rights as a victim under Utah law, and I know how to make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Contact Utah Bike Law today to schedule your consultation and learn more about your options.

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