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What to Get Your Biker Mother for Mother’s Day


We know that Mother’s Day is coming up! We also know that finding the perfect gift for the woman that raised you (or that you are super close with) is difficult. Here are a few ideas that we think that your mother will like on her special day:

Sweat-Proof Makeup for Your Mother

One of the most annoying things is taking the time to apply makeup to just sweat it off in the summer heat. There are a few essentials when it comes to make up: lipstick, foundation and mascara. We have found a few high-quality options that to pick from. Dior is a great makeup brand but we found this “Addict Lip Tattoo Long-Wearing Color Tint” that doesn’t come off when you drink or eat food. Great shades to choose from! For foundation, we found a cheap but reliable contestant. L’Oréal has a foundation called “Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation”. It lasts for up to 24 hours! Seriously, that’s amazing! And last but not least, a mascara that doesn’t run when her sweat does! MAC has amazing mascara for all occasions. MAC’s “In Extreme Dimension Waterproof Mascara” will saturate her lashes from root to tip and won’t smear when she rubs the sweat from her eyes!

Motorcycle Mount Cell Phone Holder

We don’t want her distracted while she rides but if she needs to use her phone as a GPS, how will that work? We have found a device that will help with that. With over 2,000 reviews on Amazon, we think this would be a great gift for your bike loving mother. It is: a motorcycle cell phone mount! It mounts to most motorcycles and is compatible with most phones! We don’t want to have your mom get in an accident! Get her something to make her feel safer.

New Leather Jacket

My mom always says that everyone needs to own at least one leather jacket in their lifetime. She is not a biker but she is one stylish woman. Now, leather jackets seem to be expensive so why not go in on one with your siblings so you can all give her an amazing gift! Maybe your mother needs a new one because hers is wore and tattered. There are many places to get a leather jacket you won’t have a problem finding one!

Her Favorite Record

Utah is a great place to find records. There are many shops around Salt Lake City that have current and “classic” records. There are stores like “Randy’s Records”, “Diabolical Records” and “Sound and Vision Vinyl” just to name a few. Some stores around the Salt Lake Valley have big sales on their records. I suggest that you go on Facebook and try to find those events! Maybe you’ll walk away with her favorite records plus some of your own!

A Picture of Her with Her Bike

This one might seem a little vain but who doesn’t want a beautiful picture of themselves doing something they love? Candid pictures are usually the best ones! Make sure that you are inconspicuously take pictures of your mom on her bike and get a cute frame at TJ Maxx or another home essentials store.

Make Mother’s Day a special one this year! There are so many other ideas for gifts but these were some that we thought would be the best! These gifts are a little more personal and that’s what makes a good gift, right? Here at Utah Bike Law, we want to make your life easier. Whether it is representing you in a case or helping you with gift ideas!

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