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Not all personal injury cases can be resolved with a settlement agreement. While most Provo motorcycle accident attorneys will try to reach a settlement agreement, if the parties cannot do so, or if the insurance company simply refuses to settle the case, then the parties will be forced to carry the case to litigation. Litigation simply means to take the case to court.

During litigation, each party will have the opportunity to present their case. They will both present witness testimony and evidence supporting their claims. Because there is always a risk that your personal injury case will not be resolved with a settlement agreement, it is important that you retain the services of a Provo motorcycle accident attorney who has experience carrying a case through the litigation phase.

If the Insurance Company Refused to Settle My Case, Does That Mean I don't Have any Chance of Winning At Trial?
When most clients realize that their case may not settle, they begin to question their Provo motorcycle accident attorney regarding the validity of their case. Some clients incorrectly assume that if their case does not settle, then that means that they have a weak case that does not have the evidence needed to be successful at trial. This assumption is simply false.

There are many reasons why a case may not settle, and lack of evidence is only one of them. Even if the insurance company believes that you have not presented them with enough evidence to prove your claim, you can still go on to be successful at trial. If necessary, your Provo motorcycle accident attorney will work to gather additional evidence that can help you prove your case at trial. An experienced Provo motorcycle accident lawyer can help inform you of any additional steps that you must take that in order to prepare your case for litigation.

When Insurance Companies Refuse to Pay
One of the most common reasons personal injury cases go to litigation is the insurance company's refusal to pay a client the amount that they believe they deserve during settlement negotiations. The goal of the insurance company is always to pay out the least amount of money possible to accident victims.

Clients who choose to represent themselves in personal injury matters often walk away with a settlement that does not even cover the cost of their medical expenses. By retaining the services of a competent Provo motorcycle accident attorney, you take one of the most important steps towards ensuring that you don't get cheated by the insurance company. Experienced Provo motorcycle accident lawyers will not be intimidated by the prospect of having to take a case to litigation, and neither should you.

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