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Where Do Motorcycle Clubs Fit in the Motorcycle Community?

Where Do Motorcycle Clubs Fit in the Motorcycle Community?

When we speak of the “motorcycle community” we mean everyone that rides a motorcycle. Whether your motorcycle is a sports bike or a cruiser, this is the motorcycle community of which we speak. A “motorcycle club” is a group of motorcycle riders within that community. Usually, with a close affiliation usually based on a common goal or theme. We are talking about “motorcycle clubs” not “motorcycle gangs.”

The new “Biker” communities are not what people betrayed as a “biker” back then. Biking is not about raising hell. It’s about helping people around us such as—Fallen Officers, Funeral Percussions (riders and non) and Veterans.

The Difference

This is the primary difference—everyone that rides a motorcycle is a member of the motorcycle community but not every person that rides a motorcycle is a member of a motorcycle club. There are many whom are friends and family who enjoy riding motorcycles, and getting together for charitable events or just riding motorcycles for fun.

The AMA (America Motorcycle Association) has over 1,000 registered motorcycle clubs. If you were ever wondering whether any club is registered with the AMA you can check on the club at the AMA Club Page. There are a few different clubs: RC—Riding Club and MC—Motorcycle Club to name a few.

So whether we are a community, or a club, we all are a bunch of friends riding together. Whether we are close friends or friends by passing in the wind.  But as a part of the motorcycle community I would like to see the stigma about bikers change. Be careful and stay safe.

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