Why should you contact a motorcycle accident lawyer?

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There are many reasons you should contact a motorcycle accident lawyer after you have been in a crash.

motorcycle crash
Motorcycle crashes need motorcycle lawyers

Reasons to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer:

  • You are seriously injured.
  • You may not have medical insurance to get treatment.
  • You have medical bills stacking up.
  • You are being contacted by the insurance companies to settle your claim.
  • You don't know if you are being treated fairly by the insurance companies.
  • You are out of work and have no income.

You are seriously injured:

Chances are, when you or your loved ones are involved in a motorcycle crash you, or your loved one, are seriously injured.  Insurance companies look at serious motorcycle injuries very seriously and look for any reason to deny your claim.  Usually, they look at liability and seek any reason to place the responsibility for the crash on you.  They try to do this seemingly at any cost.

If you have serious injuries because of a motorcycle accident in Utah you will need an experienced motorcycle attorney to develop the facts of your case quickly. Witness statements have to be obtained, any video surveillance must be quickly secured, and experts consulted to prove that the other driver was in the wrong causing the crash.  This has to be done quickly because you are fighting the insurance companies with a team of investigators and lawyers working quickly for them, and against you.

You may not have medical insurance:

When injured in a motorcycle accident and you have medical insurance, your medical insurance company must step in and pay the bills.  If you have a deductible you must meet your deductible first. 

But what happens if you have no medical insurance coverage?  If you have no medical insurance coverage, and presuming that the other driver is at fault, Utah Bike Law has the resources to find you good medical care.  These doctors that work with you in these circumstances will provide the care you need in anticipation of being paid out of the proceeds of the case.

You have medical bills stacking up:

Even if you have medical insurance, you have to meet the deductible and this can present challenges if you are injured and not working and don't have a sizable savings account.  If we are representing you, we speak with your medical insurance company and have them hold off on demanding money for your deductible or co-pays.  We often persuade the medical insurance companies to wait until the case is over.  We also stop the medical insurance companies from sending your bills to collections protecting your credit score. 

You are being contacted by the insurance companies to settle your claim.

The insurance companies for the offending vehicle, and even the insurance company you pay premiums to for your motorcycle, contact you relatively early in the case and offer settlement.  These lowball settlement offers are often made even before you know the full extent of your injuries. 

Motorcycle accident victims are sometimes vulnerable to these lowball offers because you are injured, you are out of work, you have no money coming in, and are being hammered with medical bills and living expenses you cannot meet.  The problem is that if you accept a lowball settlement you can never go back later and demand more once you know the full extent of your injuries. Once you settle your out of luck. We work with companies that will fund your expenses while you recover.

You don't know if you are being treated fairly by the insurance companies:

Even if you can hold out against lowball offers you still may not know whether the insurance companies are treating you fairly or not.  How do you know if the offer they are holding out to you is a fair offer or not?

Many factors go into determining the value of a motorcycle accident claim.  Some factors determining the value of a motorcycle accident claim include the total of your past lost income, future lost income, past medical bills, medical bills you will encounter, and other sundry items such as caring for your home.  All of these losses are commonly called economic damages

A fat rule of thumb that may be applied in any personal injury case, including a motorcycle injury case, is whatever the economic damages at up to, plus 2 to 3 times that value.  This money is meant to compensate you for pain, suffering, inconvenience, loss of enjoyment of life, and other intangible losses.  These are called non-economic damages.  These non-economic damages are larger than economic losses because these are the things we truly care about in western culture. 

For example, if your economic damages add up to $100,000, you case may well be worth another $200,000 to $300,000 totaling $300,000 to $400,000.

You are out of work and have no income:

If you are out of work because of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident you probably will not be earning an income.  We work with a lot of companies who may finance your recovery while you are not earning an income.  Depending upon the facts of the case and the potential for financial recovery, these companies will provide funding while you recover.

Bottom Line:  

There are many reasons to contact an Utah motorcycle attorney soon when involved in a crash.  At Utah Bike Law we have the experience, the investigators, the experts, and probably most important, a reputation for aggressively representing motorcycle riders who have been involved in a motorcycle accident in Utah.

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