Wrapping Up Personal Injury Case

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Reaching the offer stage of a personal injury case is a huge accomplishment for injured claimants. However, a Salt Lake City motorcycle accident lawyer knows that there is still much work to be done within the first several months after an offer is made.

A Salt Lake City Motorcycle Accident Attorney May Attempt to Settle
After an offer is made, the claimant's Salt Lake City motorcycle accident lawyer typically reviews the offer and responds. He or she can reply to the offer via phone or letter and can propose a smaller demand or agree to the offer. If the defense would like to negotiate the settlement, claimants can expect the following to occur.

  • Their lawyer will negotiate the settlement until a final agreement is reached;
  • Claimants will need to sign the release forms agreeing to the settlement details;
  • After the release forms are signed, the claimant's Salt Lake City motorcycle accident lawyer will provide them to the insurance adjuster; and
  • He or she is also in charge of paying off existing debts such as medical bills.

What to Expect if a Suit Is Filed
If the defense files a lawsuit, a personal injury claimant and his or her lawyer can respond accordingly. Within six months following the filing of the suit, the Salt Lake City motorcycle accident attorney can begin preparing for trial. This can include:

  • Gathering documents;
  • Reviewing available information;
  • Scheduling interviews; and
  • Reaching out to experts if necessary

A Salt Lake City Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Will Spearhead the Case Throughout Trial
A thorough personal injury lawyer will continue to prepare for court until the trial date. Preparations can encompass duties like:

  • Creating a comprehensive case file;
  • Reviewing the case with witnesses and specialists;
  • Providing documents to the defense; and
  • Coordinating court dates.

Until trial, a claimant's Salt Lake City motorcycle accident lawyer may continue to pursue settlement in order to avoid potentially lengthy and expensive court proceedings.

Contact a Lawyer Who Will See Your Case Through the Offer Stage
An accomplished Salt Lake City motorcycle accident lawyer like George Tait has experience seeing personal injury cases from beginning to end. He's just a telephone call away at 801-487-6454 so give him a call now.

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